Sunday, December 5, 2010

time to celebrate!

Kira has a closet!!!! It's not Carrie's closet from Sex & The City, but her clothes are out of my closet and that makes me very happy!!! We haven't painted the thing yet. While I was taking a nap this afternoon (first one in ages it was awesome) Scott dragged it in and put it in her room. I wasn't going to have him take it back out and wait for him to paint it, who knows when that could have happened! I'm actually thinking about not painting it and getting a new crib to match it. I do love her pink crib so very much, but it's really squeaky. We're thinking of getting her a new crib that will convert to a toddler bed. And if she's going to have dark wood furniture, I think I'm gonna "have to" paint her walls pink!

Yes it is excessive to redo a baby's bedroom but she's my only girl and my last's too short to worry about being excessive for your little girl!

I've been decorating for Christmas all week. We have the big tree in the living room of course, then Riley has a mini one in his room. Kira has two white ones in her room. And we have a full size one in our bedroom...we had an extra full size tree and there was a space for it so I put it up!

The thing I haven't done is take pictures of any of em. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow.

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