Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crazy Christmas Lady

Someday I might be one of those people with every room in their house completely crammed to the gills with decorations from November to mid-January. At this point I have stuff for every room, but it's not wall to ceiling anywhere.

Yesterday I stepped one foot closer into the Christmas insanity and redecorated both my trees. I took all the ornaments off each and swapped them. I got us new stockings that are in a red/green/white color scheme and our main tree was in the jewel toned rather than waiting an entire year to see how they all look together I spent almost all day yesterday redoing each tree.

What I originally wanted to do was change our main tree to some sort of "New Year" color scheme but I didn't have enough gold, silver & white decorations to pull that off. I've never been a fan of any of those colors for Christmas...but I'm getting there. :)

I was tempted to get Kira a lavender tree today at walmart since they're only $10, but I resisted. I don't know if lavender will fit in her room next year because everything she has now is pink, green and brown. The zany thing is I absolutely love the color purple on her. I spent all this time waiting for a pink princess and now I like her in purple better! That's the kind of problem I have no problem with.

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