Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a story by riley

Riley was typing on his computer today, asking me how to spell a word every couple of minutes. Finally I just asked him to tell me the whole story so I could write it down, and he could read off my paper to type it.

So here is my son Riley Scott's first story. I copied down exactly what he said and didn't correct his made up words. I did tell him that it should be 'went' instead of 'goed' but I want to remember how cute he is right now.

Mom woke up to get Riley some milk.
Mama goed back to sleep.
She woke up and was working on her scrapbooking stuff.
Then Riley goed potty. He got his underwears on by himself.

He just started putting his underwear on all by himself in the last couple weeks, so that's a big deal right now.

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