Monday, December 27, 2010

dreaming of white christmas trees

Some people think white trees are tacky...I used to be one of those people. Now I think they are so pretty. I don't want to stop using the ornaments I have but I am getting kind of bored with them, so next year having them on a white tree will make them seem all new again. Can't wait!

All pictures were found on Google images


  1. I ADORE all of these trees! I am a fan of the white and all colors of trees (I don't discriminate ha!)

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  3. Hi Jennifer!
    Thanks for the suggestion of Pineapple Lush.... sounds DELISH!!! :) I'm going to try this FOR SURE!

    PS: Your kiddo's are darling! I don't know the pain of losing a child but I do know the pain of not being able to conceive one... the brunch I'm having is actually in honor of having my son's adoption finalized. His birthfamily is coming into town to help celebrate! Miracles happen!

    Hope you are enjoying this rainy day :)
    xo, LollyJane