Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kira's Christmas Room

It only took six months but I'm finally done decorating Kira's room! She has her Christmas decorations all ready for Santa's visit...hope he likes PINK!

Still not happy with the higher shelf but I wanted to take pictures today!
Is it wrong to have pictures of yourself in your own room? I don't think it is when you're an adorable baby...

I wish the dress was my size!

Yaaaay!!! Kira has a closet!!! This is the awesome computer desk that we got for FREE...thank you Daddy for hauling it home all by yourself!

Ta-DAAAAHHHH!! Too bad you can't hear me singing that, which I do everytime I open the doors. I've always been fascinated by wardrobes (I blame the Narnia books) but I've never actually seen one in person. So this thing is really fun for me. Easily amused? Maybe! Great work again Daddy on taking all the computer shelves out of the inside and turning it into a CLOSET!! !!

Kira's "main"Christmas tree

I've had the K ornament for a long time...in case I ever had a Kira

The tiara ornament is from Grandma...well most of the ornaments on this tree are from Grandma actually!

Ok her dresser usually does not look like this, usually it has baskets and laundry and little shoes and who knows what else on it. But it looks nice for pictures!

Happy PINK Holidays to all!


  1. Oh my, I LOVE her room!! You did an amazing job with all of the details. Everything is just SO cute!! :)