Thursday, February 26, 2009

color me disappointed

Carla you are Top Chef in my heart!

*sigh* Top Chef ended last night and my least favorite Cheftestant won.

As soon as I heard Casey suggest they sous vide the meat, I was like "Ok my girl just lost it". The final meal is supposed to be all about YOU (the person in the competition, not you reading this!). Taking anyone's suggestions is just a death sentence. I'm a little upset with Casey for opening her big mouth like that. I wish she would have just supported Carla in all her choices and done whatever was asked of her like a good sous chef should.

I loved seeing Stefan chop off that alligator's tail! I was expecting them to bring out some butchered alligator to cook with-not that he'd have to just go at that one right there! And he didn't give a shit about it either. Hosea wanted to really "stick it" to him and he was like "whatever, I'm making alligator", hacks off the tail and gets to cooking it. Some call him arrogant but I see it as confidence and I think he's great.

I've always known that they judge each challenge individually. Like if someone makes something really good one time, then royally effs something up the next time, they can't say "Well she made really good stuff last time, so let's keep her". It makes sense to me. BUT, I think for the final competition all the other challenges need to be taken into consideration. It is kind of ludacris to me that Stefan can win almost every challenge they had (ok not really but it seemed like he won a LOT!) and Hosea only wins one....but Hosea is the "Top" Chef? It should be the person who has done the best throughout the whole thing, AS WELL AS cooking the best final meal.

So even though I love Carla, I really feel that Stefan should have won this competition. If not him, then Carla. If not her, then Fabio or Jeff or Jamie. Hosea is like 9th on the list of who should have won.

My heart is still breaking for Carla after seeing/hearing her cry at Judge's Table. She can be SO GOOD, but that dang appetizer just frazzled her! They always throw an extra dish in on the finale so it seemed like they all should have been anticipating that surprise, but I've never been in their shoes so what the crap do I know.

At least she won the Superbowl tickets and did she also win the car? Did she win Fan Favorite? As soon as Hosea was announced the winner I said "I STAYED UP TILL MIDNIGHT FOR THIS CRAP???" and had a little coniption trying to turn the TV off. My husband had to take the remote out of my hand and tuck me into bed...he was all patronizing because he liked Hosea. He's in the "Stefan is an a-hole and I don't like it" camp.

Oh yeah one more thing-GAIL'S BOOBS WERE OUT AND PROUD!


  1. LMAO Jenn I swear did we watch this show together because every single comment you had I said last night!!! LOL!

    First of all I wanted to smack Casey upside the head! I know that Carla should have stood up for herself but I understand that she was trying to think outside the box. I knew she was done for when she took her advice.. You should never try something for the first time on a finale competetion! But then to make it worse she chose a souffle over a pastry?!? She kicks ASS at pastries!! I was so dissapointed.

    I do have to agree that Stefan should have one. I think that he can be an a-hole sometimes (especially at panel) but aren't chefs known for being that way? I think Stefan fit the typical chef stereotype in EVERY way and he's a great talented cook so he can act however the hell he wants IMO.

    Hosea can SUCK IT! He's like a little kid and shouldn't have even made it to the Final Four.

    I think Carla could've of really been in the running had she of stuck to her food.

    The whole show was dissappointing and the ending was such a let down. Even with Hosea winning, there wasn't any confetti or balloons or anything.. Sheesh.

    And all I have to say is Carla had BETTER be Fan Favorite. She did win the car also. She is so cool and I just wanted to hug her when she was at the judges table.

    Oh and Travis watched the whole show just to get a glimpse of Gail! He was like are they always that big?! And I was like honey don't you remember that gold shirt she wore that one time? Remember that Jenn they were MASSIVE in that shirt..

    Ok maybe I should have done my own blog!

  2. He wasn't my favorite either!!! I was a Jeff fan :)