Thursday, February 12, 2009

something new...

A question I get a lot is "how much would you charge for..." then fill in a craft. I made another blog page with a list of the stuff I'm most "known" for doing-Paper Bag Albums & Altered Letters. It's just the basics of what I can do and what I charge with a few examples of each. I know I should probably put my big girl panties on and try to design a real live website, but I'd rather just do this and get back to my scrap room! ha!

I added the link to the side of this blog under "Interested In Placing An Order?" It's not a big flashy button or anything. Once my hubs wakes up I'll have him make me something cute to put in the text's place. He actually likes doing stuff like that.

Today I am in the mood to make some BOY stuff...I think after all these princess books & Valentine's day I've actually o.d.'ed on pink. Didn't think it could happen, but it has!

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  1. Good thinking Momma!! I understand getting burnt out with all the frillies!! But you can't for tooo long!! I'm gonna need to get a fix of some Jenn Dear goods sooner then later!!