Thursday, February 5, 2009

monkey see monkey do

I was doing dishes during the Quick Fire so I wasn't paying too much attention-until Lea said she was giving up and she actually GAVE UP! Has this ever happened on Top Chef? I don't recall if it has...I could not believe that crap. It was only a couple minutes, just keep going. She was named the best in the first round, then gives up in the second? Is she just trying to help her boyfriend Hosea win?

Speaking of does a sea food chef not know how to skin an eel? If you watch Iron Chef you've seen it done like every other week. Also, why are they making him look like such a douche when it comes to Stefan? They're either not showing Stefan being a douche to cause that behavior or Hosea is really just the douche and jealous of Stefan's talent. Hosea has only been cooking like 10 years, Stefan has been training since puberty. I understand wanting to win but being a sore loser sucks.

All the chefs get to eat lunch at Eric Ripert's restaurant. I hope they all knew that this was going to be part of the elimination challenge, because I sure did! I knew it was going to be "recreate these dishes" or "create a dish inspired by one of these dishes". They did this challenge at the end of Season 3, right? So boo for being totally boring Bravo.

I kind of zoned out on the rest of the show until they got to Judges Table. I was really disappointed that Carla didn't win, because her dish seemed more difficult than Stefan's but oh well.

Very sad to see Jamie go before Leah! Even though Jamie was kind of grouchy she seems like a more thoughtful cook than Leah...and she never GAVE UP during a challenge. Leah mixing butter and miso seems like a bigger disaster than oversalting celery, but I didn't taste it. Braised celery? It's kind of funny how all season Jamie's been calling things "weird" then gets one of the weirdest things to make and it sends her home. She needs to take a page out of Carla's book and have a better attitude about the experience.


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