Saturday, February 14, 2009

what a day! and it's not over yet...

We started off the day with a "romantic" breakfast....

We met Grampa at Dave & Buster's for lunch...and tons of games!!! If you believe in orbs I think there is one in the next two pictures....hi Aiden!

This is Scott and I discussing what the heck we're getting ourselves into....the radio station was trying to break the Guiness Record for "Most Kisses Received" in a minute. So we had to kiss this random dude from the radio station! We did not know that when we first got in line! lol
Here's me running after I kissed the was so fun! Everyone bascially ran at him and kissed him on the cheek then ran out of the way...and we set the record! It was 109 kisses and we did 111 kisses!!!

After that Grampa stayed with Riley while Scott and I saw "Coraline". I highly recommend it!

Happy Valentine's Day! Jennifer & Riley


  1. YAY for a great heart day! And I love the egg!!

  2. Oh and yes they look like Orbs!!