Saturday, February 28, 2009

how to manhandle

Ramona's crazy eyes, ala gilmore!

I ended up watching The Real Housewives of New York City the other night. Alex & Simon ("Silex" as Jill calls them) really gross me out so I don't go out of my way to catch this one. I don't get why they're always out shopping for expensive clothes when they live in a hovel. It's just so odd to me. I could see if they were doing this on the down-low, but they're on a freaking reality show! Why would they work so hard to LOOK like they have money and then show that they clearly DON'T to anyone who feels like tuning in? wtf

How much do I love Jill's parents! The mom was a little crazy with the car not being "right" for her, but once she was happy she was happy so everything worked out fine. What was up with all those cars on the side of the house? Do they really have that many cars at their summer house all the time?

Jill's mother "adopting" Bethany was very sweet. Do we know where Bethany's real mom is? I don't pay that much attention to this series so I don't know everyone's back story.

I loved when Jill got that ring from her mother and she called her "mommy". I just thought that was the cutest moment.

Ramona's article about how to "manhandle" was funny. Seeing Ramona SHOW the article to someone was even funnier! Her eyes are so bulging out crazy it amuses me just to watch her on screen. She is a little kooky, but I feel like she's being herself and I appreciate that. SOME PEOPLE on these shows (coughVicki, Tamera) act one way then around certain people then a totally different way when they're gone. Ramona, if she doesn't like you, she will tell you and walk out of a dinner party because you're there! ha!

I don't understand who this Kelly chick is and why going to a party for 30 minutes by yourself is fabulous. Did she go to several other parties that night and they just didn't show us? It was kind of a "yikes" moment when she fell off that horse. She's so tall it didn't look like she fell that long though.

Bethany & Jill dancing in front of that fan was pretty funny.

I have to admit, I can only take so much of this show because of the accents and how fast they all speak. Sometimes I just want to tell them to CALM DOWN. I guess that's cuz I'm "West Coast"! ha ha


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