Thursday, February 19, 2009

way to go carla!

How great was our girl Carla last night?! I thought only two people were going on to next week and I wanted them to be Stefan & Carla. Then Bravo decides to get all weird on us and brings back the last three people to get kicked out, and says they might be able to come back? Wha....? I don't like it when they change stuff like that. I get very grumpy old man when they do these weird twists I'm not used to!

So Jeff ends up being in the competition and the top four don't even have a Quickfire. I don't like the change but at least I didn't have to watch Leah for another hour.

Stefan busted out another great one-liner "This isn't a butt rubbing contest". No, it sure isn't!!! Where does he come up with this stuff!!?!?

I liked that Gail was back.

The masks at the "Masquerade Ball" looked really cheap, like they had an assistant hit a party store for every Mardi Gras mask they had and set them up on a table in the lobby.

Padma looked like a dominatrix.

Jeff messed with his hair while he was serving food, that grossed me out. His drink sounded kind of good to me though.

Hosea winking during service grossed me out too.

Stefan's attitude for the second half of the show also grossed me out! He's been my pick to win from the 1st episode but I thought his butt should have been sent home last night. Fabio's food not being spicy enough didn't seem like a good enough reason for him to go home considering how blah Stefan was being about the whole thing.

Speaking of which, poor Fabio had to go home to his sick mama with no cash.

CARla on the other hand won the car!!! I hope she doesn't repeat Richard from Season 3 (i think) and lose the finale though. I want her to WIN WIN WIN!!!
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  1. stevie18
    WOOT WOOT!!! I watched it last night!! I just love Carla! She is probably one of my all time faves of the whole show! I was so happy for her and then when she choked herself up in the interview!! I got teary eyed for her! Stefan is an ass, a talented ass but still an ass, Jeff is to pretty boy for me, Fabio shouldn't have left and I can't stand Josea. Glad to see Gail back and the masks (other then the judges) did look really cheap. BUT YAY CARLA!