Monday, February 2, 2009

two Superbowl offenses

Besides the Cards losing (they still had a great season and made it that far so we can't be mad) two things really stuck in my craw from the game last night.

Bruce Springsteen giving me a 3-D thrill ride of his crotch. I want to know why that move wasn't rehearsed or who moved the camera or WHAT the heck happened, because I was not expecting a face full of The Boss! Take that Janet Jackson's boob!

The only commercial I really remember was that Teleflora one. The flower says some really MEAN stuff. I guess the point is flowers in a box don't mean as much as flowers in a crappy vase. I've never met a woman who was mad at getting flowers delivered to her at work. We don't care if they come in a box, in a sock, or on top of rocks if someone wants to send us flowers we like it! So Teleflora just lost my business! Have I ever ordered flowers from them? Not the point!

1 comment:

  1. You are too funny. I think Springsteens dance moves pretty much stuck in his craw too. Ouch.