Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the plant lady

I wear something similar to this for work. Yeah right.

Last week I started working again for the first time since Riley was born. I am now a "plant lady"! Before Riley, I always worked in offices where people would come water the plants and I'd think "that would be a neat job". A few weeks ago I saw an ad for it, got the job, and started last Monday. It's only part time so that is very nice. I mostly go to big office buildings with lots of cubicles. I love being able to go in the break room at these places, fill up my water bucket, and NOT HAVE TO GO SIT IN THE CUBES. It is very liberating!!

So that means I am no longer a "SAHM". I guess I'm a "WM" now?


  1. Jen I sure wish you could have step in my office and water my plant. When I first moved to the building I work in it was given to me and me and plants don't get along to well.:) I always forget to water it.
    Congrats on the new job. Really like that pic :)

  2. That's pretty neat. Do you water the plants in like the waiting rooms and lobby and stuff?

  3. :-) I wanna see a pic of you in that lovely blue "plant lady" shirt that you love. lol. Congrats on the new job! It WOULD be liberating to be working somewhere and not be confined to a cubicle. Now to get rid of your ride along boss, eh?! ;-) hee hee!