Friday, February 20, 2009

ebay warning!

DO NOT buy from ebay seller "coloradothings"!!

I try to stay away from fee-bay as much as I possibly can because of situations like this.

I purchased something from "coloradothings" on Feb 3. I was told it would be in the mail by Feb 07. On Feb 11 I emailed to check the status and was told the item was STILL NOT EVEN IN THE MAIL.

I left negative feedback for this seller because that's what feedback is for. To let other people know if the seller is not doing what they're supposed to be doing. Of course the seller didn't like that and asked that I cancel the transaction. Like an idiot I agreed to cancel without finding out when my money would be refunded. Now the transaction has been canceled and instead of a refund all I've gotten are rude and sarcastic emails from the seller. He/she has insulted my scrapbooking, my paper bag albums, my myspace page, and personality for having a myspace page in the first place. Is this professional behavior or what? All I wanted was my money back for items I NEVER RECIEVED, what a crazy concept. Instead of just refunding what is rightfully mine this person would rather play games with me through email.

I have filed a Paypal claim to try and get my money back but of course they have to wait for the seller to respond.

This kind of crap would not happen on etsy! People on etsy are NORMAL and actually CARE about customer service!


  1. OMG!!!!!!! What a crock of crap!!!!! Wait till that karma gets her/him!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aww that is bad. As a small business I understand being late, when you have a good reason but insults? NO!! That is just WRONG. So sorry about this. I stopped buying from ebay because of this. I had one lady sell me some jeans and then weeks later she resold them. HUH? I asked for a refund and she closed her account. WHAT? Oy. So I never got the jeans or $.