Thursday, February 11, 2010

32 is a good number

This is day number 224 and you're 32 weeks pregnant!
You have 56 days or 8 weeks left, and are 80.0% of the way there.

Woo hoo 32 weeks! Just 8 little weeks or less until I have my little Kira in my arms. Gosh I am curious to see what she looks like. The only thing I've ever wanted as far as looks when it comes to my kids is Scott's eyes. He has the most amazing ice blue eyes, and I have plain ol boring brown. And of course brown eyes have to squash every other eye color in the DNA wrestling match that happens when a baby is created. Riley has everything exactly like Scott EXCEPT for his eye color- they're brown of course! Riley even has birthmarks in the same shape and spot as Scott. It's like he created a clone of himself and I was just the host.

I'm also wondering if Kira will have hair. I was one of those bald babies, didn't really start getting hair until I was about 2. Scott was the same way, so we figured Riley would be too. But he came out with a good head of hair and it grew pretty fast. He wasn't one of those kids where you go "Look at all that hair!" but he was not bald in the least. So it would figure that his little sister will be the one to be the baldie. I don't really care because I will be training her to wear headbands from the time the Dr. says I can put one on her. I can make bows, I have friends who make bows, and I love etsy--she's going the be a bow baby!

image via my friend Jill's photography website. she is an AMAZING photographer, if you're in the
McKinney, TX area and need gorgeous family photos, look her up! Check out her
website & blog to see what I'm talking about...she's especially good with newborns, as you can see!

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