Saturday, February 20, 2010


that's the sound my stomach is making right now. I had chicken wings for dinner and I'm not sure if it was the greatest idea. I didn't make em tooo spicy, but I guess maybe they were a bit much for my delicate constitution these days.

Today our basinette arrived, a gift from Grandma (my mom)! We're kind of bummed because she had the basinette she used for me and my brothers saved at HER mom's house, but over the years one of her sisters either sold it or gave it away or trashed know how it is with families! So we've been kind of sad that we don't have it for our new little princess, but oh well. The basinette she got is not the most expensive, but it'll serve it's purpose and it's cute. I want to get it all set up but I know the cats are going to think it's a new place for them to hang out and that just doesn't sit well with me. Yes, the cats are all over everything when we're asleep (who know WHAT those cats get up to in the living room at night!) but that's beside the point. I probably will get it all set up just so I can see how cute it is then take everything down and put it back in the box until I go to deliver.

Oh! I bought a circle cutter today off ebay so I'm excited to get that and try it out. I'm going to make stuff for Riley's birthday with it-woo hoo!

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