Wednesday, February 10, 2010

new blog, old posts

I imported the posts from my old blog, "Happy Paper" into this blog. I didn't realize I had been writing in it since 2008 so I figured might as well beef this one up with some more content since it's just sitting out there on the internet.

I decided to get this crown from Amy's shop. It matches Riley's bedding so it will look so cute in his room after his big b-day. So excited to get it! Thanks so much Kim and Amy!!!

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  1. Jen happy anniversary to your blog. lol.. I wish I could have kept my old blog but I wasn't able to when I transferred my domain. I wanted to ask, can a hat like that be made into a super hero hat. Diego's 3rd birthday will be a super hero party and I was thinking about a crown for the birthday boy. When I saw this in my reader thought it was perfect. Let me know. If anything message me on FB.

    Thank you