Tuesday, February 16, 2010

baby shower!

This past weekend my cousin Brandi gave me a baby shower. Hosted a shower for me? I'm not sure how to say that properly. Kira is my third baby but I've never had a shower before. I had Aiden too early and then with Riley I was just freaked out by being pregnant...I was really scared of losing Riley too of course, so I wasn't really in the party mood.

This time around, as soon as I announced that I was having a girl Brandi was on it. She did everything herself and it was all so cute! We had it at my dad's house because that's where we have all family gatherings for some reason. Since Valentine's day was the next day that was the theme-my favorite! It was so much fun that I think I'm going to make it a tradition for us to have a girly Valentine party every year. And next year I won't be knocked up so we can have some fruity cocktails-woo hoo! You can tell I'm 33 weeks pregnant because I keep fantasizing about drinking. On a normal basis I don't drink hardly ever, but once something has been taken off the menu for 8 months you start wanting it. So I am looking forward to a girls night out post-delivery.

Anyway, here are some pics of the party...
The cute cake and cupcakes!

Mmmmmmm There was more food but we didn't get a pic

This was that game where you have to take the clothespins in one hand while saying a baby item. My cousin Christina has bionic hands and got like 20!!!
My dad got me Mad Men Season 2! Woo hoo!! I know it's a baby shower but I am doing all the work in this situation...;)
After the party we watched the kids play. This is Riley's cousin Malaki in a little Escalade that is WAY TOO FAST for a 4 year old to be operating! Riley thought it was the greatest thing ever to be riding around in a little car with another kid, and Malakai was super excited to have a passenger in there with him. It was so cute that it almost made up for...

Seeing them do stuff like this! It is amazing how close they can get to a car or mailbox without actually hitting it.Riley got to take his cousin Dionna for a spin! Next it was Dionna's turn behind the wheel and I'm sorry to say she crashed right into the front end of my dad's truck. That was the end of Escalade time and I hope not foreshadowing for when she turns 16!


  1. Hey! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and becoming a follower. I am so sorry it has taken me this long to stop by! That is so rude of me but I have just been sooo busy. I am so thankful that you got a baby shower this time around because they are sooo great. Hooray for girl's night! I just read Aiden's blog and my heart just breaks for your loss--I wish I had some comforting answers but sadly I do not. Your family will forever be in our prayers now though--especially your other two precious babies.

  2. Ok, so I haven't been able to quit thinking about you since I read Aiden's blog last night. Have you ever read the book The Shack? If you haven't and are interested, let me know and I would love to send you a copy. (No I am in no way affiliated with the book, author, or anything like that. Ha) My email address is sarascott8704@yahoo.com . Hope to hear from you soon!