Tuesday, February 2, 2010

chocolate covered strawberries

One of my most favorite foods on the planet is chocolate covered strawberries. The only thing better than them is a hunk of chocolate with raspberries in it, but the raspberries have to be right for that to work. I don't think I've ever met a chocolate dipped strawberry that I didn't like.
Riley wanted to help, so I dipped the berries for him and he chose what sprinkles he wanted to use. You can see that he was most interested in seeing how chocolate tastes when licked off a strawberry. The cracker was also totally his idea. The package was sitting on the counter and he says "Mama I want crackers". As I'm opening the package he says "Mama let's put chocolate on the crackers" and my heart just about burst with pride. Maybe it's silly but when your child loves something you love it just makes you so proud and happy to be a parent! I have a deep rooted affection for chocolate and Riley seems to share it.
You look away for one second and this is what happens...a little boy sneaks some green sprinkles onto your supposed to be Valentine-y berry! It does look cute though, I will admit.
And of course he's always so cooperative when I want to get a shot of his cute face covered in chocolate....


  1. Awe so pretty!! and so tasty looking too :) I could go for some right now!

  2. Oh they look great! Can I have one?

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