Sunday, February 21, 2010

scary scary stuff!!

Ok, I've been watching too much Intervention. I am so scared for when my kids start Jr High and High School, because what if they start taking drugs? Lots of these shows are about people who started smoking pot at age 12 or drinking at 14 and I just don't know how they can do that. Can you imagine being drunk when you're 12???? The one that scares me the most is meth. That drug seems to grab people the instant they try it and it never lets go. And it eats away at a person so fast...I'm terrified of Riley or Kira ever even trying it. I guess one thing I'm learning from all this Intervention is you have to be up your kid's a** and know where they're going, what they're doing and who they're with. And somehow make sure they're really telling you the truth---parents of teens help me out on how you accomplish that one!

I also watch Supernanny so I can *hopefully* make sure I don't end up with a houseful of screaming hooligans. I do try and channel Nanny Jo when Riley's giving me trouble. The problem on that show seems to be they keep the kids cooped up in the house all day, but that might just be from editing. You never really know if what you're seeing on these shows is "real".

Might as well fess up that I watch Hoarders when I want to be motivated to clean! Seeing those piles and piles of "hoarder lasagna" always makes me itchy to get my house sparkling. I do feel bad for the people on the show though, because it seems like the show doesn't really help them with their disease. They come in, clean up, then take off. I know it always says the people are using their 'aftercare funds' (whatever that means) to seek counseling, but who knows if they really do.

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