Saturday, January 10, 2009

dear deer stuff

Some people know me as "JennDear"...that's the screen name I made up for myself in 2000 and I've been using it ever since! I also use "discodoll" but that's just my backup. ANYWHOO, I've been seeing all this SUPER CUTE deer stuff, on etsy of course!!!

You are such a Deer Valentines from frogfeathers.

Salt and pepper shakers! PURPLE! VINTAGE! What could be better? At Crank Heart Pony.

A Vintage Valentine...I guess the phrase "You're a Deer" is pretty popular...I wonder how it took me 9 years to notice this at Valentine's day...From JMarie Designs.

Cute little pink deer necklace! Of course I love the little star & strawberry too. At Honey Pop Jewellery.

There are a TON of little pouches and bags made from deer patterned fabric. This one is by Kung Fu Cowgirl, I love that shop name!

Elles has been one of my favorite esty shops since I found etsy, and this tag set makes me love her so much more! If she had a real shop in my town I'd work for store credit.

I am going to Goodwill TOMORROW to look for a frame I can paint pink and put this in. How EQUISITE!!! By Untamed Menagerie (another cool shop name!).

A very pretty card by Suzanne B Webb.

This little pouch is by ItyBityBags.

A Katty Wampus Tale


  1. Oh....this is a post "deer" to my heart, my good friend and partner in Etsy crime, Christi, has those sweet Deer Valentines in her shop! Awesome feature post! :)

  2. Those "deer" things are SO cute! I love the deer valentines. Wow!



  3. A. this is my 1st visit to your blog
    so B. I LOVE IT!!!
    it is C. So cute & pink!
    D. I love the valentine stuff
    and E. The found deer stuff on etsy is adorable
    F. especially the first picture of the deer february calendar tags.
    G. I will be back...