Friday, January 23, 2009

Top Chef!

Let me just say a big PHEW!!! My girl Karla is hanging in there for one more week! I don't see her staying much longer but I'm glad she made it this far.

Lea & Hosea...ew. Just EW. It's one thing to flirt and touch inappropriately when you're really young and NOT BEING FILMED ON A TV SHOW, but these two are "grown a$$" adults who ARE on a tv show. Seeing Lea grab Hosea during the Quickfire just made me go "GROSS!!!" because I know they both have significant others. Then they end up making out and we had to listen to Lea baby talking about how comfy Hosea's body is to sleep on. At least they were both remorseful and bothered by it the next day.

During the challenge it was pretty obvious who was going to win. Having Fabio and Stefan on the same team-how could they lose? The cheftestants (i love that word and will use it as many times as I can) are always complaining about Stefan but I really dig the guy. He's been my pick for the winner from the start and he still is. The desserts he made sounded weird and delicious and looked DIVINE. Poor Karla and her chocolate spice cake and frozen yogurt. I guess she couldn't do apple pie again, huh? Her explaination of her dishes was so wacky and new age and fabulous. Her food sucked, but she was happy making it, so that's good enough! Ha!

Radika really sucked as the face of her team and deserved to go home. I couldn't believe she didn't create one dish! Just because she was the front of the house it's still Top CHEF, it's still a cooking competition...don't ya think you should still cook something?

Next week looks fun with the past Cheftestants coming to talk crap to the newbies. Isn't hazing fun??

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  1. I love Top Chef. It's one of the only shows I try not to miss!

    Have a great day!