Monday, January 26, 2009

it had to happen

I've been wanting to make felt breakfast ever since I started making these felt cookies. DH had to help me pick out the colors for the bacon. He was not pleased with ANY of the colors I had to choose from; he seemed to think I should have felt in every color of the rainbow. I don't even know if they make felt the colors he was asking for! He also didn't like my purple "jelly" on the toast, because he is a die hard strawberry jam man. When he saw it all arranged on the plate he admitted that it did look cute together, but he still wasn't sure about that purple felt.

Right now he's in the garage making me some shelves for my craft room so that's great!!! :)

This is a big bag of cookies going to two awesome twin girls in New Jersey!!


  1. Jen that is to COOL!!! Very creative!

  2. Love your felt food, so cute. Nice that you are getting shelves for your craft room. Just love to get things organized!