Monday, January 26, 2009

question for stampers/card makers!

From what I can tell, stamping and card making go hand in hand. I am not a stamper because I feel like scrapbooking is already an expensive enough hobby and stamping seems very expensive! You have to buy all those stamps, and then storage for all of them, ink, embossing stuff (i don't even know if that is still cool to use), heat tools...stamping is a world unto itself that I just haven't gotten into yet.

BUT (yes I'm starting a sentence with 'but'!) that doesn't mean I don't LOVE to admire what people create with all those things! I follow so many blogs of stampers/card makers because I am AMAZED at what they make.

My question is...what do you guys DO with all these cards? Alot of the bloggers I follow post a new card every day, sometimes more than one card or you give the cards to friends, neighbors & coworkers? Do you send them? How do you send a card in the mail when it has all that ribbon embellishment?

This is stuff I've always wondered about those beautiful cards and I'm hoping some of you out there can enlighten me.

Here are some beautiful creations by people I stalk--I mean admire!!!

Love is Warm and Fuzzy by Joanne B.

this is by Jennifer. Her blog is SUPER CUTE and she's having a give away right now too!

How adorable is this piggie! By Kraftin Kimmie

Yes, I totally love owls!♥♥♥ by Pickled Paper Designs

With everyone getting sick I thought this one was appropriate! By Anna at Sassy & Sweet. Her blog is really cool too, she posts pics of her farm all the time. She's got some cute chickens & cows!

This one would be good to give after the sickie one...everything about this card makes me happy....:) it's by Jessica at iEmbellish

I love the Wizard of Oz. How cool is that Yellow Brick Road? by Melanie

a Valentine cutie by Jody

The colors on this one are so fresh! by Jessica

And finally, a lovely love card in my FAVORITE colors! by Jen!

There are so many creative women named Jen, Jenn, Jenifer and Jennifer, don't you think?


  1. Hi Jennifer - Your blog is cute, I just found it. Those cards are adorable. Lucky you, living in Phoenix.........and getting your husband out of MICHIGAN (that is where I live). It is cold and dreary and just down right depressing ...... anyhow, that is why I9 spend so much time surfing blogs.

  2. Cute cards, I loved the owl best!

    There are a lot of creative women with your name, almost as many as there are cheerleaders with mine :)

  3. When I used to make cards I would either make them for a specific person or I would make more generic ones that I could use in a pinch. I had this cute little box that I would store them in and it help keep them protected. As far as sending them I used a larger envelope that had bubble wrap in it. Worked great, never had any cards delivered damaged. I like to decorate the envelope too so I had to use a seperate envelope for shipping anyway. I miss making cards and am really kicking myself in the butt for selling everything off when Finn came along, but when you need money you need money right?! I had a HUGE stamp collection. I actually made a book of all my stamps and numbered them and put them in catagories so that I could find them quicker.. Really miss it and I REALLY wish I would've been smart enough at the time to take pictures of everything.. I have a few but nothing compared to what I made.. ok sorry for the book!