Saturday, January 31, 2009

Zoo Day!

Today there was an event at the Phoenix Zoo for family teams of the March of Dimes. Scott and I started our own team in 2006 after we lost Aiden but I've been doing Walk America since I was in high school. I'm not the only one in my family who has had a premature baby or issues with fertility so I've always liked the idea of raising money for healthy babies.

Today they had free admission to the zoo and a little lunch, and they had tables where you could get stuff for your team like stickers, coin boxes (to collect $), posters, all that kind of stuff. The lunch was supposed to start at 12 and we walked in at about 11:55. Of course every single table was taken and almost ALL the food was gone. My dad and I got the LAST TWO lunches on the table, and there was one bag of chips left. Pretty sad huh? I mean if it was going to start at 11 they should have said that...I felt really bad for all the other people that came in behind us looking for food and there was nothing left.

One thing I noticed is that there were NO familes in there that weren't white, except us. I wonder why more Mexican, Asian, Indian...ANYTHING else besides white aren't involved in March of Dimes. You'd think there would be more Mexican familes there since I live in Phoenix and there's such a huge Latino/Hispanic population, but it was just me, my dad and Riley. And Riley looks totally white. People always ask me if I'm Hawaiian or Italian, but I'm Filipino, Mexican and white. My dad is the Filipino & Mexican part, my mom's the plain ol' white. I hope I'm not offending anyone by talking about ethnicities...being "mixed" I've always felt totally confused by what I should "call" myself! I hate filling out any form where you have to check a box for race...cuz I can check 3. When Survivor did that season with the different races as tribes, I had no idea which team I'd be on! ha ha ha

So here's some pics from the zoo...the animals seemed to be in relax mode today, if we could even FIND them. There was alot of "What's in here?" "Where is it" "Is that it?"

I love this area...these little monkies can jump all around you, you're inside their cage. They are so cute!!!
This guy was showing off for everybody :)

I DON'T like the Orangutang habitat @ our zoo. It's basically just a big jungle gym in a concrete hole. Don't you think they need some REAL TREES & stuff?
They always seem to have a baby when I go though so that makes everybody happy! That little one was just all over the place, like little ones tend to do...
Is this not the saddest looking turtle you've ever seen?
Cheer up pal!

Me, some kettle korn and the giraffes.They have this big tree house with lots of Riley size furniture. He loved it!
And that's Grampa waiting at the end of the slide :)

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  1. It looks like you had a great day. And for a great cause! It also looks so sunny and warm - you are lucky!